Welcome to the ‘Save the Rising Sun at Stockcross’ web site

Update 28 January 2022


Please read the slide presentation prepared for the postponed December 21 meeting. Please let us have your comments and ideas (positive please) either via the website or at the meeting or directly to any of the Committee: Tony Hersh, Steve Kirby, Claire Mingo, Keith Phillips or Edward Vandyk.

We understand that some members of the community are still unsure about stating their support for the reopening of The Rising Sun because they do not know what they will be committing to. THERE IS NO COMMITMENT. All we ask is for people to confirm that they SIMPLY SUPPORT THE IDEA OF HAVING A PUB IN STOCKCROSS.

Please help our numbers grow – currently we have more than 60 supporters.

We need to show potential funders or investors that we have the support of the community

Meanwhile the Committee will be meeting to assimilate your ideas generated so far and decide on our next action including the holding of a community meeting as soon as it s safe it do so. All registered supporters will be kept abreast of developments.

We look forward to reconvening when it is safe to do so.

Our constitution, containing our detailed aims and objectives, can be found here. It also contains the rules by which our supporters can become members of the organisation and under which the committee will manage the association.

We have created this web site as a source of information and in order to recruit further supporters.

We have sought and obtained a six month moratorium, effective 23 November 2021, on the sale of the Rising Sun, which is a registered Asset of Community Value (ACV), and to this end we have caused the incorporation of a company limited by guarantee, savetherisingsun.org Ltd which has the 40 plus members referred to above. Members of the company are also members of the organisation. You can become a member (supporter) of the unincorporated association by completing the form on our Contact Page and, on request, can become a member of savetherisingsun.org Ltd by completing an application form, available here, which requires you to give a guarantee of £1 for a period of one year.

The Articles of Association of savetherisingsun.org Ltd can be seen here.